The Mission!

Hi Viewers!

My name’s Hope Gill and I am a 23 year old college graduate and writer from Columbus, Ohio.  I’m a Pastor’s daughter and the eldest of 10 children; 6 girls and 4 boys, yet my youngest brother Micah went to be with the Lord much too soon earlier in the spring of 2015.

Conquer the Norm took several years in the making to be born!  For the first few years, I impressed on myself to seek the name, mission, and vision that He was calling me to join Him in.  We live in a dark time with an ever-growing corruption of society.  From…

  • Fashion Trends promoting immodesty
  • Movies and TV shows promoting Sexual Immorality
  • Social Media promoting self advertising and fake perfect living
  • etc.

I can personally attest as a young adult living within such a society as a Christian where the devil screams your weakness and your flaws can be troublesome and often times depressing.  However, when we turn to the word of God, we find encouragement, hope, direction, and our identity – who are in Him.  The world says that our status, popularity, number of likes/followers, fashion trends, careers, possessions, etc. defines our worth.  Scriptures says that in Romans 5:8, “Yet while we were still sinners Christ died for us” – it isn’t what we’ve done, can do, should do, will do, or can do that defines who we are and determines our worth.  Our worth is found in Whose we are – Jesus!

If you look to the world, you’ll become distressed

If you look within, you’ll become depressed

If you look to Jesus, you’ll be at rest

In the bible, it shows two ways of living and thinking (Romans 12:2): according to Society and to the Word of God.  For the longest time, I wanted to fit in, yet go to heaven and live a good Christian life and this isn’t possible!  As Christians we are in with the out crowd, and we are called to Conquer the Norm – society and a corrupt culture.

This was how the ministry that the Lord has called me to was born!  Society is a lie and spreads nothing but lies and feeds off of insecurities.  The word of God is truth and transforms us into God’s image!  Though we are human and we struggle daily, I pray that through this gift that God has granted me that it would be an encouragement.  To also be reminder that this life we are given isn’t about us, but to bring God glory.  We weren’t created to be liked, to fit in, or to be a success; we were created exclusively for God and for His glory!  And to bring Him glory, we cannot conform to the patterns of this world – we must cast them off!

Feel free to post prayer requests, comments, concerns, questions, and even words of encouragement!  We are all in this crazy journey called life together!  God bless



    • Faith, you’re name alone is a testimony! It’s true, being a young adult is hard, but remember that God is bigger! Remember who holds you in the good and in the bad! When the world tries to convince you of its lies, remember who you are in the Lord; a jewel and a princess who sits at the Lord’s right hand. God bless girly and know that I’m lifting you up in my prayers 🙂

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      • You are never alone, Faith! Where man fails, God is always constant and f we constantly fail, then He is constant all the more! Be encouraged, love and remember how special you are and your worth is not based on what you can do or have done, but in Whose you are!


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