God’s little dirtbag🌱

You may have initially been confused by the title of this post, being that it doesn’t really sound biblically accurate or “spiritual”, and that’s honestly what I thought also, until that’s what Jesus called me.

Background story:

This past May, I had the honor and privilege of being able to travel and minister in Peru alongside World Gospel Mission with other Ohio Christian University students. One of the ministries where we worked several jobs was with Pastor Americo at a youth out reach/after school program called Corazon (and for all of you Spanish majors out there, you’ll know that means “heart” in Spanish😁). One project in particular that we did while we were there was to fill and plant 5000 seeded dirt bags to plant fruit trees around the mountain in order that the ministry could grow and sell the fruit for an extra profit. However, an interesting fact about these dirt bags was that the fertilizer came from what was known as “Pigeon Poop Rock” (sorry if that grosses anyone out). There was an island off of the coast somewhere where there was this big rock that pigeons wood land on and “do their business” and the locals would scrape it off of the rock and sell it as fertilizer to other surrounding countries FUN FACT.

Anyhow, one day as I was sitting up on this mountain, filling these dirt bags, in my heart and mind I was struggling with several insecurities in and about myself; questions and/or doubts concerning my future, basically struggling with the thoughts of not being good enough or measuring up.  But as I was wrestling with these thoughts as I was filling these dirt bags, I looked up and around me for a few seconds and just took in the view: I was surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys and how we could almost touch the clouds above!  I could smell the different flowers around me and I could hear laughter and birds singing, and then I heard Jesus.  Honestly, it was like He was sitting right there with me and said, “If I can create all of this in just 7 days that you can experience and enjoy, why do you doubt what I can do in and through you in a lifetime?”

You could say that Jesus served me a slice of heaven’s best Humble Pie!

I then reflected on how God created mankind from the dust of the earth, yet we are considered and known as His greatest creation!  And then I had the super spiritual revelation that I am one of God’s little dirt bags!  The “Pigeon Poop” of my life, God desires to use as a fertilizer to one day bless others with the fruit that He intends to plant, nurture, and grow within me!  If He can create such beauty and wonder all around me, whether in nature, laughter, or song, how much more is He trying to create within me?

Not super spiritual sounding conversation with God, I know, but I guess I share this experience with you in order to encourage you that as you go about your day and your week; whether life tries to beat you down and struggles come and go and maybe come again and you wonder,  “What is God trying to do with/through me?”, know that just as He can use the beauty of His creation to bless you, He also desires to use struggles to bless you and others too – whether or not it may feel that way.

One of my favorite verses also comes to mind – Galatians 6:9, “Do not become weary in doing good, for at a proper time you will reap a harvest IF YOU DON’T GIVE UP.”  Be encouraged and embrace the treasure that you are in Jesus and how He desires to use you – You little dirt bag!


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