The Garden of God – Your Heart

You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain.” – Song of Songs 4:12

Throughout the Bible and this time period, Kings had private gardens within the Palace where they would spend time alone and where they found security and peace, especially in times of war and conflict.

Here, for the Beloved to be called His private garden and a hidden fountain not only describes how His only desire is for her and that she is his, but that in her love, he found peace, security, and refreshment.

The Lord thinks of you the same way!  You are God’s beloved, His hidden fountain, His secret garden created exclusively for His enjoyment and pleasure. He also is your secret garden; in times of war and conflict after the battle has been won, He longs for your first desire and constant thought to be to run directly into the secret garden created for us and only us!

Today, run into His presence as one entering a garden created for one but you – a garden where a hidden fountain of living water flows to satisfy your every need and desire – a secret garden where you can escape the trivial cares of this world to spend at the Lord’s feet and in His arms.

You are His treasure – His bride and He desires to carry you away to a place that He created simply for you and Him. Go to Him in prayer with such a place captured in your mind! Run away to your secret garden, and some would say – stop and smell the roses.

~ God’s Little Pencil

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