When You Allow God to Write Your Love Story 

If you are anything like me, you have a tendency to need to feel in control.
For me, feeling out of control is dangerous, unsafe, uncharted territory. Feeling out of control is scary. It takes everything in you to release your grasp on something you love and allow God to take full control, but that is when God does His best work.
As a young girl I dreamed of getting married and starting a family. While I didn’t understand much about romance, I knew I wanted to love someone fully, and receive that love in return.

But as time went on, my dream faded. It felt like a childhood fairy tale that I needed to let go of. Besides, who really ends up with their soul mate? As a young girl, I believed in marriage, especially the one my mom and step-dad (who had always been like a dad to me) had.

When their marriage was torn apart by mistakes and heartbreak, I found myself torn apart as well, not only for the loss of my family, but for my dreams and desires.

Out of the pain of his heart my step-dad said something that stuck with me for years. It buried itself deep in my heart, planting a seed of fear. He told me, “Nothing lasts forever.”

Not only that, but I had never seen a marriage work in my circle of family and friends. If a couple actually stayed together, it seemed as though they were miserable. I convinced myself that if it couldn’t last for my parents, so that meant it couldn’t happen for me.

Proverbs 16:9 tells us that in our heart we plan our course, but ultimately it is God who determines our steps. I am thankful that God knew what He was doing in my life, and I’m thankful I gave Him the pen to write my story.

I realized that something I had been holding on so tightly too, I had to let go. Like sand clenched up in my palm of my hand, it began to sift through my fingers. I lost control, and for the first time it felt good. I felt peace.

God began speaking into my spirit that He had great plans for my life and the person I would marry someday. He was working behind the scenes. I fell in love with God-fully, deeply, passionately, and began to trust that He would bring about everything in my life that I needed in His perfect timing.

He became all I needed, and in that, I found my peace. Our Heavenly Father knows how to give good gifts to His children. He is taking care of you and working behind the scenes in your life.

You can rest assured your future is in God’s hands, and it’s going to be spectacular. But you have to do your part and let go of your ideas of marriage and your sense of control, in order to give God the pen so He can write the most incredible love story.

Who you marry is very important. It’s important to you, and it’s important to God. The thing about life is we plan ahead like we know tomorrow is promised. We walk through life like we have it all together when in reality, we never had any control to begin with.

God is the ultimate matchmaker, and will work wonders in your life when you place your story in God’s hands. There is nothing too hard for God. I pray that you take this season of singleness and embrace it. God is molding you, teaching you, and preparing you.

Your future is great. I promise that if you give God control of your love story, you will look back and marvel on how God is faithful.

I want you to know God loves you today. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’ve been through. You may feel broken beyond repair, but Jesus is your Healer and Comforter.

This doesn’t just pertain to your love story. God wants full control of your life, so that He can make you into all that you are capable of being. You are special, and you mean so much to the Father. It isn’t by mistake you’re reading this, He really, really does have a great things in store for your life.

God has done exceedingly above all I asked Him for, and for no other reason than the simple fact that He loves me. I didn’t do anything special to earn it, I have never been close to perfect, but He’s my Papa. He’s always been my first love, and He has always took care of me. All I had to do was give Him control of what I held on so tightly too

He’s going to take care of you too. He is in love with you. He is moving on behalf of whatever situation you face. He will bring beauty from your ashes, watch and see.

What are you holding onto today and God is asking you to give Him control of?

Written by Tiffany Langford of http://www.waitingforyourboaz.com

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