Rest Now! It’s Possible!

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”
Luke‬ ‭18:27‬

Have you ever had thoughts, feelings, and doubts that you’re impossible to love? Why would anyone want to invest in me? To have patience with me? To desire to live life together, in the bad as well as the good? To learn and grow together? To go through struggles together? To put up with me and my struggles? To fall in love with my craziness and yet my anger also?

Yes, I have had these thoughts as well. Yet Jesus’ words to His disciples have greatly encouraged me, especially as I read through them recently.

When you struggle with thinking according to the limits of man, STOP, pray, and be encouraged knowing that it’s possible with God!

Do not limit the power and nature of God to your finite knowledge of Him and how you’ve experienced Him in the past.

He is mysterious, yet faithful. Unpredictable, yet constant.

~ God’s Little Pencil


  1. I was thinking those negative thoughts today! I heard in my spirit from God ‘You are loved’ ‘You are loved’ at that moment my heart squeezed and tears came. Thank you for this reminder that nothing is impossible with Him.


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