LIVE with Livy & Hope: Valentine’s Day Special

God has been so good and He is so faithful in just how He brings special souls into your life who were complete strangers one moment and the next you cannot imagine your life without!

Livy (Crown of Beauty Magazine) and I have been low-key stalking one another for the past year or so over #Twitter and #Instagram.  I followed her social profiles and was so deeply encouraged by her love and obsession with the Lord!  As I was privately messaging her, she sent me a message just as I was about the press send.  We both started messaging through twitter, which led to exchanging numbers, and then to Skyping once a week and studying the bible together!

God has definitely knit our souls with one another!

After months of praying and seeking God’s direction, we decided to allow the public to join in on one of our studies through YOUTUBE.

With Valentine’s Day (AKA as Single’s Awareness Day ;))  approaching, we felt led to share a word on true love, relationships, dating versus courting, and crushes and what the bible has to say about the whole relationship thing by sharing the stories of Rebekah, Esther, and Hosea.  We discussed how the bible talks about love, feeling/emotions, hearing God, finding direction, abstaining lust, demolishing idols, and where our focus should be….

In Christ Alone!

Our LIVE STREAM was held Thursday, February 13th, but it is now available to playback!

…This was our first swing at Live Streaming, so there are some glitches…

If you have any questions, comments, or even a topic that you would enjoy hearing the next time, feel free to comment below!

I pray that you are encouraged!  

PS.  Go and check out Crown of Beauty Magazine and how the Lord is moving through this beautiful ministry!

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