Life’s A Two-Sided Story

My dearest child,

Why do you worry so about what others think of you?  To know or to try to know their thoughts is not your job nor your responsibly; it is Mine (Psalm 94:11)!  You worry so much about their thoughts toward you that you completely lose focus of Me!  Seek Me and I will give you strength (Psalm 105:4)!

Avoid and resist the temptation to compare your life, status, and circumstances to those around you; you only see one side (Galatians 1:10).  Life is like an embroidered piece of cloth; one side is perfectly stitched and is a beautiful work of art, while the other side has tangles, knots, and stray threads.  I see both sides; while you may think that others lives are perfect, you see one side.  I see both sides of your life as I do others.  As I know your thoughts and struggles, so I know theirs.  Focus on Me, darling and do not seek man’s approval; seek My face!

Throughout this life, you will have distractions, trials, and challenges begging for you to conform to this world’s patterns and traditions (Romans 12:2) rather than to press in and to be transformed through My word; My gift to you!  Stay strong and press on.  I know life is hard and things do not make sense right now, but I know!  If you knew why these things are happening, right now you would not understand My entire plan.  I am with you now, and I am in tomorrow already.  I know your history, your present, and your future (Jeremiah 29:11)!  You may not understand now, but in time you will…just trust Me!

With all of My love,

Your Father, God

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