What is beauty, really?

What does the word “beautiful”mean to you?

If a guy told you that you are beautiful [which you are, darling:)], would you believe that he was referring to your looks, or your heart?

According to society, beauty is defined as: a girl with flawless skin, a flat stomach, the perfect outfit & hair style, etc. 

Yet, no matter the size, age, gender, nationality, or even religious beliefs, every single person deals with insecurities.

Why? To be liked or wanted. I mean, who doesn’t want to be liked, right?

However, the major flaw is that society’s definition of beauty constantly changes.

So how do we #conquerthenorm of this downward vortex and shatter the mirror of society and how it defines beauty?  We must first understand that how we look or feel has nothing to do with beauty. In fact, the heart of the issue of beauty is actually the issue of the heart.

In The Lost Art of True Beauty, Leslie wrote,
“Women who exuded enchanting beauty can be found all throughout the pages of Christian history.  They rejected the empty feminine charm of the world and embraced an altogether different kind of beauty – the beauty of Jesus Christ. God created us to shine with royal beauty. Not to dazzle with a self-promoting beauty; but to be a sparkling reflection of the stunning beauty of our King.”

Take selfies for example. What is the purpose? Self promoting glory or reflecting God’s glory?

Is it just me, for the fact that no matter how many selfies you take the more you become unhappy with what you see?

Why? Because rather than reflecting on God’s Word, you gaze into the mirror of society.


However, before you take a selfie, reflect on what you are trying to promote. The beauty around you, or God within you.

So I challenge for those taking the time to read this crazy long post to join me by taking the #antiselfie challenge by posting a picture defining what beauty means to you?

Let’s #conquerthenorm together!

My definition of beauty is through the cross! No matter the hurt or how deep the wound is, no matter the pain still the truth is, the cross has made you ||FLAWLESS||

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